Cafe Co Bong

Trung Hạ – Quế Trung – Nông Sơn Xã Quế Trung, Huyện Nông Sơn, Tỉnh Quảng Nam


Co Bong Coffee is located right in the district center, in Trung Ha village, Que Trung commune, Nong Son district; about 50m from National Highway 14H to the south.
Large land area, harmoniously arranged between the restaurant and the garden; The house is made of wood with tile roofs, hiding under the trees, very cool, the open space is very airy, the rest of the area is a large garden, you are free to choose the right seat.
The interior of the house and garden are beautifully decorated during the day, shimmering at night.
Wooden tables and chairs are very friendly.
Although it is a coffee shop in the countryside, besides common drinks such as coffee and soft drinks, the menu here is also very diverse, capable of serving luxury customers such as: family, lemongrass peach blossom movement, chia seed lychee tea, liptong tea; Durian tofu, red bean coconut milk, snow lemon, macka….

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