Banh Xeo Origin Quang


Banh xeo - a rustic but unforgettable dish of Quang country

Banh xeo is a traditional dish of Quang people for generations. The fragrant cake with the smell of rice flour rolled with raw vegetables and served with a simple but unforgettable dipping sauce.

Banh xeo is a very typical cake of the Central region, especially the people of Quang. According to many people here, the name of the cake comes from the baking process. When the rice flour is poured into the hot pan, the "sizzling" sound is very pleasant, so gradually people named the cake as banh xeo.

bánh xèo Hội An

Bánh xèo - món ăn dân dã mà khó quên của xứ Quảng 1
Banh xeo is a rustic and familiar gift of people in the Central region in general, and in Quang in particular.

As a rustic dish, however, banh xeo requires a lot of sophistication and ingenuity. In order to have a delicious cake, the chef must prepare from making cake flour to preparing dipping sauce, preparing raw vegetables to serve... Rice flour will be mixed first, so that the cake has a beautiful golden color. We usually add a little bit of turmeric water. The filling of the banh xeo dish is a combination of shrimp earth and pork. The fresh, firm shrimps of the central river create the sweetness of banh xeo. Usually, people will choose pork belly, which is finely chopped, to make pancakes. Before making the cake, the meat and shrimp are marinated for about  30 minutes for the flavors to infuse. The filling is lightly fried, cooled, and then mixed with rice flour to form a mixture of pancake flour.

Bánh xèo - món ăn dân dã mà khó quên của xứ Quảng 2
Rice flour and peanut oil are ready.

To make the crust delicious, it is imperative to cast the cake with a deep cast iron pan. Put the pan on the stove to heat, dip the fat in the meat,  coat a layer of peanut oil around the pan. When the oil in the pan is just cooked, the pancake maker uses a patch (ladle) to scoop up the rice flour water and pour it into the pan. When the dough meets the hot oil, it makes a "sizzling, sizzling" sound. The pancake maker must pour the right amount of flour so that the cake is not too thick. Another point to note is that the fire must be kept on fire   so that the cake is cooked enough to be crispy and not burned.

Bánh xèo - món ăn dân dã mà khó quên của xứ Quảng 3
The cake filling is stir-fried first and then poured into the dough, then the cake maker scoops up the mixture ladle by ladle and pours it into the pan.

Bánh xèo - món ăn dân dã mà khó quên của xứ Quảng 4
To make Banh Xeo delicious, you must watch the fire carefully.

Bánh xèo - món ăn dân dã mà khó quên của xứ Quảng 5

The cake pan is covered with a lid to keep the cake cooked evenly.

Bánh xèo - món ăn dân dã mà khó quên của xứ Quảng 6
Banh Xeo is just cooked to crispy, fragrant.

The cooked cake will be immediately removed to a plate or tray. The plates of golden pancakes, fragrant and hot, are extremely stimulating to the taste buds. This rustic dish will be served by the people of Quang with rice paper and raw vegetables. The bitter taste of wealth and acrid banana will help the cake to have more flavor and be less boring because of the grease.

Bánh xèo - món ăn dân dã mà khó quên của xứ Quảng 7
When the cake is cooked, it is immediately placed on a plate or tray lined with leaves.

Unlike "banh xeo" in many places, Quang Nam banh xeo is quite small, thin and easy to soften. After being coated, it should only be cut in half, even if the pan is small, it will be left intact. When eating, people take a piece of banh cuon with raw vegetables and rice paper and then dip it with a dipping sauce made from anchovy fish sauce, ginger and ground peanuts. This simplicity will bring you a rustic yet unforgettable meal.

Bánh xèo - món ăn dân dã mà khó quên của xứ Quảng 8
Flavorful dipping sauce.

Bánh xèo - món ăn dân dã mà khó quên của xứ Quảng 9
Vegetables have a slightly bitter taste, making the dish more delicious and less boring.

Bánh xèo - món ăn dân dã mà khó quên của xứ Quảng 10
Rolling pancakes dipped in fish sauce to enjoy is an unforgettable feeling.

Even without the need to roll with vegetables or rice paper, the cake has just been molded just dipping it with the dipping sauce is already very attractive. This is a very authentic and rustic way to enjoy banh xeo like this dish itself.

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Address:  59/32 August 18th Street, Hoi An City, Quang Nam
Opening hours: 10:00-21:00
Price fluctuates: 10,000 VND- 30,000 VND
3. Hai Dao Banh Xeo
Address:  160 Ly Thai To, Cam Chau, Hoi An City, Quang Nam
Opening Hours: 7:00-22:00
Price ranges: 20,000 VND – 40,000 VND
4. Hai Nam Banh Xeo – Hoi An Banh Xeo shop
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Opening hours: All day
Price ranges: 10,000 VND – 30,000 VND
5. Hai Son Banh Xeo
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Price ranges: 30,000 – 35,000
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Price ranges: 20,000 - 50,000 VND
7. Twelve Banh Xeo
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Price ranges: 20,000 - 50,000 VND
8. Hoa Le – Banh Xeo and Grilled Meat
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Price ranges: 20,000 - 40,000 VND
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Price ranges: 35,000- 70,000 VND
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