Tam Ky chicken rice


Tam Ky chicken rice - Quang Nam specialty is not inferior to Hoi An chicken rice
Along with Hoi An chicken rice specialty, Tam Ky chicken rice is said to be a special dish that cannot be ignored when coming to Quang Nam. This is one of the 10 specialties if ignoring is a mistake when traveling to Quang Nam

Chicken rice is a very familiar dish for Vietnamese people. Chicken, too, is one of the indispensable dishes on the anniversary of the death anniversary as well as often present in the daily meal.

However,  Tam Ky chicken rice  has created its own brand in that familiar everyday. With the processing method that has become a heirloom, the distinct central taste has made it possible.

cơm gà Tam Kỳ

Rice is cooked from a new type of rice. Cooked with marinated chicken broth, it often turns to a shiny, golden yellow color. The fragrance is subtle Mixing the smell of rice and chicken. The rice is both flexible and loose so as not to separate, neither too dry nor too mushy.

There are two ways to cook chicken. One is  chicken squeezing sour with laksa leaves, onions. Sprinkle with pepper and other spices to create an extremely simple shredded chicken dish, but with a special flavor. The second is the chicken cut into bite-sized pieces and placed on top of rice, served with chili sauce and a mixture of pickled cucumbers, carrots, and papaya. Chicken broth is used to make side dishes, there is also a very attractive chicken fat sauce, creating a greasy taste for the rice dish.

cơm gà Tam Kỳ

Tam Ky Chicken Rice Unforgettable Flavor
Although the processing is very simple,  Tam Ky Chicken Rice  still brings a very different taste compared to other places. Eaten once can not forget. And if you have eaten anywhere else in the country Tam Ky chicken rice but not in Tam Ky, it is easy to realize that the taste is not right.

cơm gà Tam Kỳ

cơm gà Tam Kỳ

Tam Ky,  Ba Luan, Ms. Ky chicken rice restaurant, Tam Duyen chicken rice restaurant  is very famous. The price of a plate of rice ranges from 15,000 VND to 40,000 VND. Ms. Luan's chicken rice has a branch in Saigon. If those who have heard of Tam Ky chicken rice, can trust to visit the restaurant and enjoy this rice dish even though it is not in Quang land. Rest assured, this is the only chicken rice restaurant that has branches in many places. Tam Ky has two branches, deliciousness and quality are always guaranteed.

If you have a stopover in Tam Ky or take part in a Quang Nam tour, remember to stop by and eat Tam Ky chicken rice.

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Visitors can find the following Tam Ky chicken rice restaurants:

Tan Duyen Chicken Rice
256 Trung Nu Vuong, City. Tam Ky
Moon Chicken Rice
571 Phan Chau Trinh, City. Tam Ky
Ba Lan Chicken Rice
92 Tran Du, City. Tam Ky
Tam Duyen Chicken Rice
576 Phan Chau Trinh, City. Tam Ky
Rice 57
57 Phan Boi Chau, City. Tam Ky
Tam Ky Thanh Thuy Chicken Rice
43 Nguyen Duc, City. Tam Ky
Ba Luan Chicken Rice
707 Phan Chau Trinh, City. Tam Ky