Ba Luan Chicken Rice

141 Đường Trưng Nữ Vương, Phường An Mỹ, Tam Kỳ, Quảng Nam Phường An Mỹ, TP Tam Kỳ, Tỉnh Quảng Nam


Brand "Ba Luan Chicken Rice" currently has 2 shops in Tam Ky city. The restaurant is an indispensable stop in every tourist's journey, even though there are many chicken rice restaurants in Tam Ky city.

The taste of chicken rice is very salty and spicy. In order to keep the original flavor from those generations, when cooking for diners, the owner must always know how to choose the best ingredients. First, you have to choose a new type of rice, fragrant, delicious, and flexible. Rice is carefully selected, marinated with spices, so the flavor is rich and cooked with chicken broth, when finished, the rice grains are shiny, more delicious than other types of rice. Chicken selection is also very important, must choose the type of chicken but still silk, the type of chicken in the garden often has to struggle to find food, so the meat is firm but soft, the skin is thin and delicious.

According to the experience from the owner, if you want the boiled chicken to be cooked without shriveling, but with plump, greasy, golden skin, the cook must carefully remove all the blood in the chicken making stage and at the same time put the chicken in to boil while the water is still cold. Especially, the steps such as washing rice, cooking rice, and boiling chicken all require meticulousness and ingenuity of the chef. The arrangement of chicken rice at Ba Luan restaurant is also an "art". Usually they put shredded chicken directly on top of a plate of rice with some herbs. If diners do not like to eat shredded chicken, they can order separate boiled chicken pieces, fried chicken with fish sauce or fried chicken with lemongrass and chili... But no matter what type of food addiction, there is always a cup of chili fish sauce along with the rice dish. , pickled onion plate, crispy pickled papaya...

The interesting thing about eating Ba Luan chicken rice is that diners can just see the beautifully decorated plate of rice, enjoy each grain of golden rice, and have the opportunity to sit and chat with close friends. Truly a delicious meal!

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