Huong Tra Eco Village

Khối phố Hương Trà Tây Phường Hòa Hương, Thành phố Tam Kỳ, Tỉnh Quảng Nam


Huong Tra is a village over 500 years old, with ancient houses and lush green gardens all year round. The village is surrounded by 02 rivers, Tam Ky Ban Thach rivers. There are rows of succulents and gardens of nearly 300 years old shady trees by the river. Every March season, there are flowers inlaid with gold on the path in the village. There are historical, cultural and natural attractions such as the Communal house of Huong Tra village, Tomb of Teacher Lanh Shoes, Four Pillars Ancient Well of the Cham people, Historical site of Dong cell, with the traditional art of boi singing, art Chinese lion - monk - dragon dance; Traditional craft village forging Hong Lu, making Chung and Tet cakes.


The Sua Flower Festival is an annual activity of Tam Ky city and Hoa Huong ward, in order to continue to propagate and promote unique cultural and artistic values, thereby introducing and promoting the land and people. people and tourist attractions of Tam Ky in general and Hoa Huong ward in particular; create a driving force to promote economic, cultural, social, service and tourism development of Tam Ky city.

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