Bai Say Song Dam

Tam Thăng Xã Tam Thăng, TP Tam Kỳ, Tỉnh Quảng Nam


Its natural area is more than 180 hectares in Tam Thang communes, Tam Phu communes, An Phu wards. During the resistance war, the desolate swamp area used to be full of reeds, where sheltered the revolutionary forces during the resistance wars.

Today, with a diverse ecosystem, it is the habitat of many types of birds such as storks, herons, pelicans, kingfishers, many kinds of fish, shrimp, and freshwater crabs. It has also become an attractive tourist destination of Tam Ky city.

Coming here, visitors can easily see herds of white storks, herons and pelicans walking on the paved area, or perching on hyacinths and water lilies looking for prey and preening their feathers. Just listening to the movement, the whole crowd whirled and flew up into the air, visitors may feel like they were lost in the U Minh forest of the western part of the river. Visitors will enjoy many interesting experiences such as boating on the river, releasing nets to catch fish... The nursery traps interspersed with areas of lotus, water lily, and hyacinth flowers will make visitors excited.

Location: About 5 km from the city center to the east, in Tam Thang commune, Tam Phu commune and An Phu ward.

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