Cam Lanh Waterfall

Thôn Cẩm Lãnh Xã Tiên Cẩm, Huyện Tiên Phước, Tỉnh Quảng Nam


On the top of Nui Bam hill of Cam Dong village, water from Ho dam pours down the mountain range of Cam Lanh village create a large and majestic waterfall. The stone waterfall system was built over millions of years. The flow of water flowing from above, over time has created interesting shapes on the rock. In particular, the weathering process of nature has left on the top of the waterfall a deep stone arch with clear and cold water. So, local people named this stone arch The Skylight and talked about the story of the well, which penetrates the ground so it is cold and full of ghosts. Up to now, no one has dared to set foot to discover how deep that rock arch is, and the story of the skylight is still mysterious to the locals. The precarious cliffs compete to show off the rough, and pristine features. The vegetation, mountain ropes, weeds, and mosses, create every wild and interesting detail. On both sides of the waterfall, the big trees reach out to embrace the waterfall which is pouring itself down into the rocks and hollows, creating a beautiful scene.

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