Monument to the Cay Coc Struggle

Thôn 3 , Xã Tiên Thọ, Huyện Tiên Phước, Tỉnh Quảng Nam


This is a place to witness the evil of the American Empire and its henchmen, and also a place to show the unyielding will of our people in the resistance war against America to save the country. According to historical records, on September 29, 1954, the US and Wei governments used force to massacre 330 compatriots and revolutionary soldiers in the struggle for the implementation of the Geneva Agreement at Cay Coc Market - Tien Tho - Tien Phuoc. It is here that barbaric crimes are exposed, which is evidence of a serious violation of the Geneva Agreements of the US - Wei governments. Currently, the Memorial is built on a space of more than 2 hectares, arranged with internal paths, and green gardens, and is a place to organize history learning activities for visitors. In 2019, “Cay Coc struggle memorial” was recognized as a national historical relic.

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