Lò gạch cũ - Farm, Food, Coffee, Home & More

Thôn Vĩnh Nam, Xã Duy Vinh, Huyện Duy Xuyên, Tỉnh Quảng Nam


Only about 5 km from the old town, an abandoned brick kiln in Quang Nam, located in the middle of a vast field, has been put into tourism exploitation, attracting young people to take pictures of virtual life.

This is an abandoned brick kiln for nearly 20 years, once banned by the local government from taking pictures and checking in. However, for nearly 6 months until now, the brick kiln has been repaired, combined with the development of farm tourism, attracting young people to explore and experience.

The newly completed bamboo bridge connects the Lo Gach Cu with a cafe, creating a highlight for the peaceful village picture. In addition, the Lo Gach Cu also has a resting place where you can admire the scenery and enjoy the wind.

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