Chien Dan Towers

làng Chiên Đàn, Xã Tam An, Huyện Phú Ninh, Tỉnh Quảng Nam


Chien Dan Tower is located in An Tho village, Tam An commune, Phu Ninh district, Quang Nam province. Located on National Highway 1A, 5km from Tam Ky city to the North. The relic consists of 3 main towers with almost the same shape, the floor plan of the tower is square, the roof of the tower is the floors that gradually shrink upwards. The North Tower is the smallest of the group. The middle tower is the largest tower, the top has 1 floor left, the foot of the tower is made of sandstone consisting of 2 large stone cutting boards, below is an octagonal shape, each corner is embossed with a card, on the leaf there is a face of Kala, a cutting board. The top is similar to the bottom but smaller and pointed at the top of the tower. The South tower is smaller than the middle tower is bigger than the North tower, the roof has collapsed. There are no decorative patterns on the bodies of these towers. The buttresses and narrow rectangular ridges along the base of the tower make the tower appear taller. Each tower has 3 false doors and 1 entrance, the top has a curved and pointed arch in the shape of a leaf. In the middle of the arch is a leaf-shaped relief (Tympan). On the fringes of the sandstone roof are carved a series of Kala statues. During the excavation in 1989, it was discovered that the wall system was decorated intact, especially the stone cutting boards around the foot of the tower, intricately carved like martial artists dancing with dancers and music. the peacock, the Apsaras, the kala and the makara, on the north side of the middle tower there is a scene of two elephants facing each other. The roof of the South tower has a leaf showing the goddess Uma has 6 hands, 2 hands clasped on top, the other 4 hands hold an arrow, bow, trident, ring, the goddess stands on the back of a cow, her left leg is stretched. On either side of the goddess, there are two people praying. In addition to the human statue, there are many animal statues in Chien Dan: Naga snake, Hamsa god goose, Garuda bird god, elephant, lion, deer... The relic is ranked by the Ministry of Culture and Information as a national architectural and artistic monument. in 1989.

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