Bang An Tower

Điện An, Điện Bàn, Quảng Nam Phường Điện An, Thị xã Điện Bàn, Tỉnh Quảng Nam
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Bang An Tower is on Bang An Trung Street, Dien An Ward, Dien Ban Town, Quang Nam Province, located close to Road 609 (connecting Vinh Dien with Ai Nghia). The tower's architecture is still relatively intact. According to researchers, Bang An tower was built around the 10th century, has a unique architecture, completely unlike any other tower, which exists today across the country.

Overall, Bang An Tower has the shape of a linga (penis), located in the middle of a large open space. Linga is the symbol of the god Siva. This place is used as a place of worship and sacrifice for the Cham people. The tower is built in an octagonal shape, each side is 4m long and 21,5m high. Inside, a stone of Linga is worshipped (now only the altar remains). In front of the tower, there are two stones resembling two animals: a lion and an elephant.

The structure of Bang An tower is divided into two parts: the lobby and the shrine. All impressions of Bang An are concentrated in the Temple. Different from the common forms in other Champa towers, the altar of Bang An tower has an octagonal surface, without typical decorative elements such as cladding columns, fake doors and patterns. From afar, Bang An's Temple can be seen in three distinct parts: the base, octagonal body and pyramidal roof made of eight curved sides that gradually shrink towards the top. The scale and shape of the Temple are like a giant Linga nearly 21m high, while the plan of the entire tower evokes the image of Yoni. It can be considered that Bang An is the largest brick sculpture in the history of Champa sculpture showing the Linga - Yoni fertility idol set. According to the assessment of Cham cultural researchers, Bang An tower is a relic of high historical value related to the religion and beliefs of the Cham people.

In 1943, due to the destruction of the war, the Tower was damaged in the lobby, and the French engineers carried out restoration. But unfortunately, not mastering the technique, the French-built bricks with cement (wide glue circuit), thus breaking the unique architecture of the Cham people (between the bricks built without glue).

According to Cham cultural researchers, Bang An Tower is a relic of high architectural value, related to the religion and beliefs of the Cham people. Therefore, in 1989, Bang An Tower was recognized as a national relic by the Ministry of Culture

Bang An Tower's historical relic was recognized by the Ministry of Culture and Sports as a national historical relic No. 100/VH/QD in 1989. The relic belongs to Bang An street, Dien An commune, Den Ban district, Quang Nam Province. It has an area of ​​​​relic protection of 22,400m2.

Bang An Tower was recognized as a relic by the Ministry of Culture and Information under Decision No. 100-VH/QD dated January 21, 1989.

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